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Press PAUSE. You light up a floral sage stick and soft instrumental music plays as you sink into a warm bath and let your thoughts drift. You leave all stress and worries behind. Our “Rest + Relaxation” box is the perfect kit to pamper yourself to an at-home spa when in need of a much-deserved refresh.

The box includes all the essentials for self-care such as a natural sisal fiber washcloth for deep and gentle exfoliation, floral milk bath to revitalize and soften the skin, and an aromatic blend of mineral-rich Himalayan salts to calm and purify the mind and body. Put on a pearl sheet mask to draw out any toxins and impurities and finish off by spraying a rose water face mist to tone and hydrate the skin.

Mind? Check. Body? Check. Soul? Check.  

    • Floral Milk Bath  |  Fig + Yarrow
    • Pink Love Salts  |  Fig + Yarrow
    • Sisal Washcloth  |  Baudelaire Soaps
    • Bundle of Sage & Lavender  | JOHN & JACKIE
    • Pearl Brightening Mask | Lapcos
    • Hydrating Mist | SopranoLabs
    • Keepsake Box & Personalized Card  |  JOHN & JACKIE


Hand-wrapped in our signature JOHN & JACKIE gift box. Ships from our Dallas based studio. Click next to personalize your card, choose a ribbon, and select your desired shipping date.